21 December 2011

Be(e)'s Purpose

Doing research for Be(e) has been quite a journey. And while that journey is ongoing, re-evaluation has been in order. Finding so many innovative ideas, and quite a multitude of ideas that seem to lack true originality, it is hard to remind yourself to streamline. This site is the outlet for all the filtering that's done of the overflowing amount of information.

There are so many different products out there, whether it comes in the form of something tangible or just a simple concept. The existence of such an overwhelming amount of resources is the motivation for starting Be(e).

Be(e) is a culture website. To Be(e) a successful individual in today's world, being well-rounded is essential. It is not enough anymore to just be a good mother or to just be a genius IT specialist. Now, a mother also needs to be an accountant, a therapist, a thrifty shopper, and a great wife. Those who can make magic with Information Technology has to know how to be a good public speaker, business person, sales person and a market analyst.

The problem with all of these new criteria is that there are already so many resources out there to learn how to be such a multi-faceted individual. There are hundreds of books, blogs, news articles, magazines, vlogs, etc. that are targeted to inform the less-experienced. The question is... how do we as avid self-improvers know the best ways to be as dynamic as we need to be? That is the essence of the problem--it's challenging enough to find the right resources.

So back to the idea of streamlining and re-evaluation. Think of Be(e) as your go-to for a dynamic, but well curated bank of information. What's the best restaurant in your neighborhood? How can you not be conflicted hearing that a young U.S. military veteran had to pawn off his Purple Heart due to a lack of finances? Are Chanel bags still the "Chanel" bags that everyone always dreamed of having?
These are questions that can be answered at Be(e).

And if there are any other questions that you want answered, feel free to ask. Be(e) is a place for anyone (women and men) who are looking for a source that can showcase the best. It's called a gallery for a reason--it's a platform to present information in a way that is refreshing but familiar. We are all learning together, and hopefully this website will be a place where you can feel assured that not only is what you see of quality, but also eye-opening.

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